Contrary to popular belief, definition essays can be quite tricky, especially when you have to come up with your own topics. This article intends to help students with various issues you can explore in your custom essay writing.

As the term 'definition' indicates, these assignments suppose to define, explain, and throw light on a chosen term, subject, phenomenon, etc. While some definition essay topics such ones about the tables, trees, glass and, vehicles are rather precise, many other subject matters (love, honor, and honesty) are abstract and more challenging. Before we go ahead and help you with some engaging topics for your assignments, it is good to know that a refined definition essay not only explains a certain meaning but provides the reader with a clear and fundamental perception of the topic by using examples, facts, anecdotes, and other relevant elements.

Here are some important aspects you'd better pay attention to while considering a topic for your essay.

  • The topic should be engaging to provoke discussion among the readers.
  • Don't pick a too specific topic because that can lead to a lack of information found.
  • If you are interested in a certain sphere, consider in advance which one of its aspects would be better to emphasize.
  • Formulate the topic precisely. It shouldn't be a lengthy and hard-to-read sentence.
Now, we can proceed to explore several issues you can pick as a topic for your definition writing.


In this definition essay, students should attempt to define 'ambition' by describing what it actually implies or means. As mentioned above, you can try to explain it by using understandable facts, examples, and maybe even anecdotes. Try not to include your own definition of the ambitions. It is better to study this phenomenon in different perspectives.


That is quite an arguable topic for an assignment. And, that is why you boost the chances of your essay to become engaging. While writing a definition essay on abortion, you can convey the societies' attitude to it. It is also possible to discuss and define different types of abortive practices existing nowadays and their influence on people's health.

Animal Rights

This particular topic is quite specific. It covers such aspects as animal testing, vegetarianism, fashion industries, etc. That is why when you write an essay on animal rights, it is important to use reliable and relevant information from up-to-date sources. At this point, to avoid any worries, you can cooperate with one of the best custom writing services that work online. Thus, experienced writers will prepare a perfect assignment for you, and there wouldn't be any "What If's."

The American Dream

What is the American Dream? This essay can be abstract by nature — apparently, every individual has their own perception of this phenomenon. While some perceive the realization of the American dream as a good job and financial stability, others see it as a well-balanced life and the ability to meet one's desires. Here, your task would be to explore this issue in quite a neutral way and make all the statements reasonable.

Capital Punishment

It is undoubtedly one of the most interesting definitions of essay topic as it attracts various attitudes from different layers of society. Simply put, capital punishment is defined as a death penalty for a crime. However, there is much more discussion to provoke.

Charisma and Ego

Charisma is that unique quality of a person that attracts others. However, it is a feature that is often difficult to define. Some people are born with charisma and also know how to use it for benefiting from life. Some of the famous personalities who are known as charismatic are Steve Jobs, Napoleon, and Ir.Soekarno. Ego can be considered a topic that is close to a charisma one. That is an internal force that drives or directs an individual to keep its supremacy intact. Needless to mention, a person's behavior or personality is affected by this attribute. However, it would not be wrong to say that appreciating one's ego can make a real mojo to your personality. Nevertheless, your task is to try and define these issues properly.

Discrimination and Feminism

Unfortunately, many people around the world neglect others because of religion, beliefs, race, nation, gender, or even age. For your definition essay, you can choose a topic that will be more general (discrimination) or precise (feminism, racism, ageism, etc.). However, you should be attentive and not impose your own viewpoint concerning these issues upon the audience. Many related beliefs used to be biased, and you have to make your essay well-grounded.

Optimism vs. Pessimism

Optimism is often defined as the tendency of individuals to find positive in everything. With pessimism, things go vice-versa. But, what is positive for one can be negative for the other. Thus, these topics can be a good base for your definition essay. Keep in mind that here, you don't compare and contrast these two phenomena — choose a precise one and work on it. Also, you can explore a less specific topic, i.e. define the mood and what its importance can be.

As you can see, a range of definition essay topics is rather wide. We suggest you approach the choice attentively and remember that while writing a definition essay, it's reliable information and unbiased opinion that matters.