Writing an ethnography paper is not a piece of cake. That is one of the most complicated college papers students get. The very first thing you need to find out is “What is an ethnography paper?” When getting a task to compose an ethnography paper, you should know that you are supposed to conduct research on the social and cultural peculiarities of an ethnicity and compare the lifestyle and beliefs of a particular ethnic group with others or to analyze the changes, which took place during the process of development within the same ethnic group.

Sounds not as easy as ABC but you will be able to cope with this task effectively if following the guidelines for writing an ethnographic paper for an A-grade. Do you feel puzzled having no idea on how to craft an ethnography paper? Then, don't waste time and get started with learning the useful tips for structuring this kind of writing the right way.

How to Write an Ethnography Paper: 6 Useful Tips

If you lack the creative ideas on how to write an ethnography paper, don't hesitate to follow the simple but working tips below:

  1. Choose what culture you want to research: You are recommended to choose either the culture you are familiar with or the one you will be glad to research. Keep in mind that being passionate about the topic is the primary rule you should be guided with when crafting any academic paper.
  2. Formulate a serious thesis statement: You should focus on your main idea and create a persuasive thesis statement, which would help the reader to understand what your research is going to be about.
  3. Tell about the methodology you have used: Any research paper writing implies that the writer should conduct research to get some practical results. When composing an ethnography work, you should tell the reader how you have gathered the information presented in the paper.
  4. Make your ethnography research paper is bright and vivid: What is the most effective way to make your reader believe that you have really provided a certain type of survey or a questionnaire? It is really simple! Just, include some dialogues with people and quotes in your paper.
  5. Include the information about the people who have taken part in your survey only if they gave you the consent: This is very important. Otherwise, you will violate the rights of those people.
  6. Do your best to prove your arguments but remain subjective: Bear in mind that this kind of paper shouldn't focus on your opinion only. It is much more important to find out what other people think.

Ethnography Paper Format Features

The correct ethnography paper structure is of the utmost importance. You should structure it properly for the reader to understand what the main idea of your research is. To make your paper clear and concise, you should stick to the ethnography paper format. Divide it into several sections: an introduction, the main body, the conclusion. Each of them should perform the particular function.

An introduction should state the topic, tell the reader what it is going to be about and include a strong thesis statement. Make your beginning eye-catching for the reader to hold on reading the main body, where you should tell about the conducted research and your findings. And, finally, write the conclusion. At the end of the paper, you are supposed to provide a summary of the most significant ideas and express your standpoint.

5 Ethnography Paper Topics to Choose from

The very first difficulty students face when writing an ethnography paper is the selection of a good topic. Check ideas for an ethnography paper and choose of the suggestions below:

  1. Stages of the formation of ethnology as a science.
  2. Are peoples the subject field of ethnology?
  3. Ethnology and ethnography in the system of scientific knowledge.
  4. Methods and functions of ethnology.
  5. The rudiments of ethnographic knowledge in the ancient period.

The Ethnography Paper Outline Sample

Have a look at the ethnography paper outline before you get started with your paper writing. You won't regret if spending time on crafting a plan. Believe, it will help to organize your thoughts and will make the entire writing process much more effective.

  1. Introduction:
    • An engaging sentence (it can be a quote or some interesting fact);
    • Ethnography as a science;
    • The main idea of your research.
  2. The Main Body:
    • Tell about the characteristics of the chosen ethnic group;
    • Compare the past and the present way of life;
    • Analyze the social and cultural differences with other peoples;
    • Your observation with evidence.
  3. The Conclusion:
    • A summary;
    • Your personal point of view;
    • The relevance of your research paper findings.

    Follow the above-mentioned tips from our experts who work on custom essays writing services, and you will be able to cope with the task to craft an ethnography paper much faster than you can imagine. Moreover, take into account that it depends on you whether the research process is tiresome and dull or it is entertaining and fascinating. If you are interested in what you do, the success will be yours!