Cookie Policy

Why we need cookies?

Cookies are data files, which are kept on your devices with the Internet connection. Each time you enter the global web your browser gathers and saves details about your visit.

Cookies help us to enhance our website according to your preferences. Using cookies, for example, we can modify the site and make it more user-friendly or keep you logged in for a certain period.

Obviously, it's completely your choice to enable cookies or not. If you don’t want us to use your cookies, send them or collect - you're able to modify or delete them. However, with cookies being disabled, the proper work of all features cannot be 100% guaranteed.

Types of Cookies That Are Used

Cookies we use are of two types: session and persistent. One of their functions is to store all the details regarding your prior activity. The persistent or permanent cookies are generally saved even after you close the browser.

What We Do With Cookies

Cookies are used in the key element of our site - our order form. So, when you've got those turned off, you won’t be able to order our services. So basic cookies' functions are:

  • keeping track of the process of your order
  • tracking the users’ login status
  • tracking the usage of our anti-plagiarism program
  • enabling client support via Online Chat
  • monitoring users' activity via Google Analytics

Other companies aren’t involved in our work

No, we work with cookies only for making a transfer when the customer is required to pay for a paper or any other services. We provide you with complete privacy of your personal information and do not share this data with any other organisations that have nothing to do with our work

How does one work with cookies?

When you disable cookies, we can’t guarantee that the website will work properly and there's a fairly good chance that your browsing experience will not be completely satisfying. However, if you truly need to do it, you'll be able to disable them in the web browser’s controls. Locate the help option in the browser menu for the instructions.