Money Back Guarantee

While using the help of our company you can be absolutely sure of its level of quality because every last customer is very important for us. We realize how significant it is for customers to be familiar with their legal rights and choices offered by our company, this is why we've written this article, that is our money back guarantee. It will help us work comfortably and with no confusions.

The money-back option is almost never needed by our clients since we can easily complete orders of various intricacy levels, but we believe that this type of chance must be provided at all times. Revision option is also included in the list of the services we offer, which really helps us find an approach to every customer.

Money back guarantee means that a buyer can get paid back in situations which are written down below. Please note that sometimes the nuances of your case could determine whether you receive a partial or full refund.

100% refund

  1. When you have placed two identical orders
    The instant you find out that you accidentally made two identical orders instead of one, contact our support - it will help you get your money back. We would like to stress that you do not have a chance to return the entire amount if we have already found a writer and began working on of your task; hence, it is advisable for you to make the order attentively and double-check it.
  2. Your order is cancelled before we appoint the writer
    No in-depth explanation is needed in this instance. Every purchaser has the right to receive a 100 % refund before the writer begins working on your order.
  3. Too many tasks at hand
    The skillsets of our professionals let us handle a wide selection of order types, but sometimes, as a result of various unforeseen occasions or a really heavy workload, the availability of our writers can be limited.
  4. Ordered once - paid twice
    Despite the fact that we attentively keep track of all the bills and orders, double-billing might happen, but very rarely. If you notice that you've been charged double price for one order, getting in contact with our support is the very first thing you have to do. That’s why we suggest you save all the receipts as a verification of your purchase.

Partial refund

Cases written down below allow you to receive a part of the amount:

  1. Difficulties with meeting the deadlines
    Unfortunately, even working responsibly there are some circumstances we cannot influence. The refund will depend on various factors, that's why it's discussed on a case-by-case basis. In some cases, complications with the timeliness of the order can be a consequence of the client's actions or non-actions. Sometimes it is difficult for us to begin working on the task because the client hasn’t provided us with some important documents. We think that in this situation, the unavailability of the money-back option is justified. Be sure that all the important files are sent to us just after you fill out the order form.
  2. We started writing your task, but you choose to call it off
    In this case, you can expect a refund of about 70% to cover the writer’s work. But it is reduced to a 50% refund in case the time left to the due date is less than half of the total time determined.
  3. Being displeased with the finalized paper
    We are always willing to investigate all of your claims concerning our work and take care of any possible difficulties. Your refund would be determined by whether your complaints are reasonable and well-founded enough. We are always open for any clients’ feedback about our services because it can help us improve and offer you only high-quality custom papers.
  4. Found plagiarism in your paper?
    You can always notify us about any data in your paper, which have been used without correct referencing. It'd help us refine the uniqueness of our papers, and you, in return, would be given a partial refund or revision .

No refund

  1. You received a mark which does not match your expectations
    We can assure you about the finest quality of our written works, but we cannot fully ensure the greatest mark because it depends not just on the paper but on your teacher or work presentation too.
  2. Editing, formatting, proofreading
    We gladly supply our clients with several improving services, but we think it is important to underscore that we by no means modify the content material of the original paper. We are not liable for any complaints concerning the content.

Money-back process

After we validate the refund request, your money will be paid back over a period not longer than one five-day workweek. If there are some issues with the financial transaction relating to any third parties, bear in mind that such complaints aren't susceptible to review.

We offer our clients the money-back option only in cases when its sum is larger than 10 USD; if not, it's just impossible due to fees required for the money transaction. In other cases, we can offer you to put the refund money on your personal account so that you can use it for future orders.