Lab – Thermic Reactions

 In this experiment you will separately react two chemicals with water, and identify key properties of each reaction.  During this experiment, the prefixes “endo” and “exo” might be helpful if you know what they mean.

Step 1.           Obtain two Beakers.

Step 2.           Measure 20 mL of water into the first beaker.

Step 3.           Using the digital balances, measure exactly 10 grams of Calcium chloride (CaCl2)

Step 4.           Pour the chemical into the beaker.  Stir gently while keeping a hand on the bottom of the beaker, and make your observations.

Step 5.           Repeat the procedure using beaker #2 and 5 grams of Calcium nitrate (Ca(NO3)2)

Step 6.           Wash the beakers very well.


1.                  Explain what a “thermic” reaction is?

2.                  Name another device that has this root word in it.

3.                  Thermicly speaking, how would you describe the reaction in beaker #1?

4.                  Thermicly speaking, how would you describe the reaction in beaker #2?

5.                  Based on your observations, come up with a practical application for this experiment as it relates to industry and consumer life.