Writing an essay is always a challenging task. It shows not only how a student knows the material, but also the ability of a particular student to discuss different points of view and to express his own ideas and opinions. For some students, writing is one of the favorite activities, while for others, it can be a very challenging task.

That’s why we have selected the most practical tips and pieces of advice and created a detailed guideline on the entire writing process. You can just follow it, step-by-step. And you can be sure that you will write the best essay you are able to write.

What Is an Exemplification Essay: Definition

Before you start with the actual writing, you should first check what an exemplification essay is and what the requirements to it are if there are any special ones. Otherwise, you will be just trying to guess what is needed. If you guess, you might succeed, but what if you make a wrong decision?

So, what is an exemplification essay and how to write it? Actually, what to write about? Let’s start with an exemplification essay definition. Do you know what an argumentative essay is? Well, an exemplification essay is the same as an argumentative essay, but we can say that an exemplification essay is rather more involved kind of paper.

How to Prepare Materials for Your Essay

First of all, start with the materials search. Even if you believe that you know everything, you can be surprised if you check for more detailed information. Moreover, you will get more ideas and examples for your essay, and this is always useful.

Select those sources that are verified and reliable. You don’t want that later it appears that some information hasn’t been correct, do you? And make a plan. A proper detailed plan is half of the job done. After you have finished with it, you can start writing.

Steps to Write an Exemplification Essay Well

A good exemplification essay, like any other kind of essay, consists of standard parts: an introduction, the main part, or the body, and a conclusion. But how to write all those parts to impress your reader? How to write them in a way to get a good grade? Well, check the tips below.

In an introduction, try to hook your reader. To do so, you can give a story from your life that is connected with the topic. Do you have such a story? If not, then, what about inventing one? You know, realistic stories are always more compelling than generalizations and references to “many people.”

In the body, provide arguments and contra-arguments. How do they prove your idea? Why do they show a completely different attitude than yours and why do you need them in your paper? Be logical and consequent.

And, finally, in conclusion, give the summary of the main idea and the results that you have achieved and the conclusion that you have made. Once again, be logical and consequent. By the way, if the findings can influence the world in one or another manner, mention that.

Best Exemplification Essay Topics Are Here

However, it is sometimes really complicated to select a topic. Has it happened to you that once you start writing, you discover that there is not much what you can write? It is because of the topic that you have selected. Here is a list of topics, which are not mandatory, but they can give you an idea of your favorite topic:

  • Dangerous habits and driving.
  • Three things I enjoy.
  • Why I love nature.
  • Does stereotyping influence our life?
  • The most significant historical figure.
  • Gender discrimination and modern society.
  • Working in an office or working in the field: what is more productive?
  • Technology and social anxiety.
  • Does the baby`s food need spices?
  • Fast food and health risks.

These exemplification essay ideas are just some samples to make you understand, in which direction you could move. However, you can select any topic that allows argumentation. The most important thing for you is to select something really relevant.

Exemplification Essay Outline: Format Example

So, we have already mentioned that a good exemplification essay or at least a decent exemplification essay has a standard outline. Yep, you should have all those parts: an introduction, the body, and a conclusion. That is logical.

However, in an exemplification essay, you should pay attention to one crucial moment: all your arguments and contra-arguments should be connected. Moreover, these connections should be shown. Other than that, an exemplification essay format isn’t going to make any special surprises.

Review the example of an outline that you can apply to your essay:

  • Formulate the topic of your essay.
  • Create a thesis — the main idea of your paper.
  • Write one paragraph introduction, provide background information for readers who are not familiar with the topic. Reveal the purpose of the paper to interest the readers.
  • Follow the essay with three body paragraphs. Come up with three relevant and exciting ideas. Discuss and analyze them. Do not forget to use citation and support the facts with evidence from trustful sources.
  • Write a conclusion part and fit it into one paragraph. Summarize your research and ideas basing on the thesis. Leave the readers with the desire to contemplate about your essay.

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