Writing DARE essay it not a tricky thing. To begin, you simply need to find solid and sound data on this topic. The word DARE literally means Drug Abuse Resistance Education. Make a research on this theme and conduct a study using your own experience. You may write any number of pages or words for this assignment.

If you want to compose a great DARE essay, you should revise all the collected info you have. For better understanding, underline the essential data and write down the facts which concern your topic.

How to Write a DARE Essay — Main Tricks

The first thing on how to write a DARE essay is that you should know that this essay like any other consists of such parts as a title, an introduction (to explain the essential idea), several paragraphs and a conclusion. Before writing, find a place for it. Check out that there are no things that may distract your attention such as TV, radio, mobile phone. Find a quiet place (your house or library).

Conduct research and include the information about how and in what situations drinks and narcotics influence your life. Find an appropriate book in the library, make an investigation on the Internet, that would give you additional ideas. Keep in mind to cite the sources that you use. Do not forget that providing a story from your personal life would draw the attention of the readers.

Think if there is someone from your friends, parents or relatives who suffered from alcohol or drug addiction. Tell this story to the readers. If it is real, it will make a considerable impact on them.

DARE Essay Introduction: Tips on Writing

The first part of the paperwork is an introduction. Here you should write the main idea and start to explain it. The idea could be keeping children away from alcohol and drugs. Such assignment gives an explanation about the negative influence of drugs and alcohol on our health.

Another crucial point for a DARE essay introduction is to tell about how using drugs children will not reach their dreams. Drugs and alcohol do not pave the way for a successful and happy life. Think about how to include this important message in your essay. Add a personal story to bear out what has been said. It would be an excellent way to explain the lesson.

DARE Essay Body — Main Part of your Assignment

Once you have found all the requirements concerning the essay (number of words or pages, MLA or APA style), start writing the DARE essay body. You may find some ideas as well as sources on the official website of DARE. This type of work is an excellent way to learn more about the researched topic and share your thoughts with others. Moreover, with the stories from your life, you may influence the further decisions of youth.

DARE Essay Conclusion: Sum Up the Information

The conclusion of your assignment must outline your whole essay and deliver its message to the readers. This assignment requires a lot of searching. So do not hurry, give pause for thought and write in the DARE essay conclusion the main message of your assignment that you would like to deliver to students. Fix in the mind that you have proofread the work and that you did not miss some grammar or spelling mistakes.

What DARE Essay Format Should Be Applied?

Ask your teacher about the requirements for the DARE essay format that should be used. It could be written in MLA, APA style or Harvard mode. Sometimes, no citation style is required, and you are free to choose the one you want. However, the most common are those mentioned above.

DARE Essay Ideas: Find out about More

To find more DARE essay ideas, speak with DARE officers as they know how to explain to children about the negative influence of drugs and alcohol. If possible, note their answers to your questions and use them in your paperwork. That could be the key to the successful essay. The curriculum is another part of the program. DARE will permit to incorporate easily numerous aspects concerning educational activities. It helps children to make a right decision and choose a healthy lifestyle. The most common ideas are:

  • The influence of smoking;
  • Drinks;
  • How to make the right choice;
  • Stress;
  • Bullying;
  • Resistant strategies;
  • Stress.

DARE Essay Topics to Cover the Aspects of Study

Choosing DARE essay topics for the assignment, it is necessary to understand if you want to cover all aspects in general or to pick just one. As the research material is enormous, you will easily find what you need. Get the essential data at a local public grade school, at police departments, in the library or from online sources. Use supporting materials such as statistics, images, graphics, etc.

DARE Essay Outline: How to Write It?

Such assignments have the same structure as any other essay. Consequently, you should write a DARE essay outline. With the outline, your thoughts will be logical and in order. You will have a bright idea of what you are going to say in each paragraph. Try to note an outline in a rough paper, in this way it would be easier to refer to it while writing.

DARE Essay Help for Students

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